Film Credits —

Directors Guild of Canada Credits


Painkiller-2nd Assistant Art Director/Set Designer

Overlord & Underwoods-1st Assistant Art Director/Graphics

Clarice-2nd Assistant Art Director/Graphics
Slumberland – 2nd Assistant Art Director/Sets
The Swan-  2nd Assistant Art Director/Set
The Hardy Boys –  2nd Assistant Art Director
(Set Design & Graphics)
Frankie Drake Mysteries 3 – 2nd Assistant Art Director (Set Design)
Mis America – TAAD (Graphics)
Impulse 2 – 2nd Assistant Art Director/Set Design
Star Trek Discovery -TV series – TAAD
Greenfields- TV series-  TAAD
Drake’s Music Video about Degrassi “ I am upset”

IATSE – 2022
I am glad it is Christmas- Decorator
Fall into Winter – Decorator

Independent Productions

Stylist – Rogers Sports & Media – Unilevel – Commercial for DOVE Cosmetics, 2021
Set Decorator/Multimedia Designer – “Death she wrote” -Trailer, Champlain Media, 2021

Stylist/Decorator – “Interior Design Lifestyle” series for CBC LIFE and CoralChannel (RTR media), 2018

Production Designer/Art Director

Mission Unexplained-Docu drama 2022
Charmed 2-Docu drama 2022
Sappy Holiday-Romantic Christmas Movie 2022

“Clinic” Getrealmovement 2SLGBTQ commercial-2021

“Sixth Ring” – trailer-2019

“Touched”- short -2019
“What Never Happened” short 2019
“Love Sarah”- 2019 CIFC
“What if it was me?“ Feature Film- 2019
Hamdi Rice commercial – 2018

Tanenbaum CHAT commercial – 2018
“Absolute Anger” Feature Film- 2018
“Afreen”, Feature Film-2017- Winner of Best Feature Film at the Toronto Diversity Film Festival (2018)
“Invisible Me”- web series-2017
“Not a Love Poem”
“Breakdown”-pitch for Bravo competition-2016
“Taking Possession”- Short Film-2016
“Soul Business” – trailer-2016
“Kookie”- Short Film-2016
“Facing Goodbye”- Short Film- 2015

Work experience —