About me

Katrina Rook Slawski, CEO Founder
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katrina rook slawski

Highly creative interior decorator, multimedia designer with over 17 years experience of broad range of skills in creative direction, advertising and branding, interior design and decorating.

An artist with excellent rendering and presentation skills, who brings a creative approach to all aspects of good design. Exceptional strong sense of aesthetics, attention to details, design of unique architectural elements, sustainability and collaborative planning.

my job experience and qualifications

I specialize in conceptualizing, designing and execution of interior and exterior places.

· Design consultations with clients, contractors, builders for stone's based projects.
· Working in the creative environment for different Real estate developers by creating marketing campaigns for House and Condominium buyers.
· Sales Office/Model layout planning, designing displays, area amenities, builder stories, marketing for interior and exterior space
· Design and layout of custom built floor plan displays, finishes boards and other model home/condo features displays
· Incorporating and branding project identity with visual and Internet materials, ads, billboards, outdoor signage
· Assisted in the design development phase with finishes selection and building specifications,
work drawings, design and project details
· Creating visualization, renderings and sketches for the interior and exterior projects
· Produced space planning and design solutions in response to an outlined performance criteria incorporated in residential building codes, accessibility guidelines and building standards
· Providing project management, budgeting and coordination of exterior and interior projects

Certified Interior Decorator
Graphic Designer, Advertising and Branding Specialist
Instructor for Continuing and Professional Studies - Sheridan College

I take pride in delivering only the best. Art House Interiors is part of the Interior Design and Decorating industry.
My target are owners and companies that need a professionally updated, unique and functional spaces.
My primary client is mostly looking for renovation and major improvement in their home.

projects i've been working on

  • Concept Development and Design 80%
  • Renderings and Visual Presentation 70%
  • Project Management 90%
  • Marketing and Branding 60%